Saturday, April 5, 2008

CNN Mainsail Interview

With the exciting news that Ocean Nomad, the new Alwyn Enoe 40 has now been launched in Carriacou and will sail up to Antigua for the upcoming Classics I was reminded when Genesis arrived with similar fanfare in time for the 2005 Antigua Classics. After flying around the course for 3 days I was approached by a lady who was doing a video for CNN Mainsail. They were in Antigua for Sailing Week but had arrived a few days early to take in the Classics and someone had mentioned traditional Caribbean workboats...The resulting video was aired on CNN during the summer of that year. Looking at it now I realise that all that hard work has been worthwhile because since Genesis was launched in 2005 there have now been 3 more launches this year - all 4o footers!  CARRIACOU SLOOPS Vol. I & II "The Books" will be launched April 16th at the Antigua Yacht Club Marina onboard GENESIS & JAMBALAYA 6PM.

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