Monday, November 24, 2008

Limited Time OFFER

For a limited time we are offering 2 copies of IMAGES Antigua & Barbuda for a special price. If you order 2 copies from here we will send you a rebate of $ 35.00 This means the second copy is half price. Shipping addresses do not have to be the same either, so you can send someone a gift! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The [re] Launch of TRADITION

Last week we sailed Genesis back to Windward in order to attend the [re] launch of Tradition a 50' Carriacou Sloop that is now owned by Frank Pearce of Antigua. He had spent the last 3 months in & out of Windward overseeing the work necessary to bring her up to a traditional state again. After being rigged as an auxiliary island trader for many years Frank will soon sail her to Antigua rigged as a gaff cutter. Here she will join the 6 resident Carriacou Sloops and prepare for Antigua Classics 2009 and the inaugural West Indies Regatta in St. Barth's.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CARRIACOU SLOOPS VOL. I & II now on sale in Windward Islands

Distribution down Island is now complete - Genesis has returned to Antigua after sailing to Bequia, Mustique, PSV, Union, Petite Martinique, Carriacou & Grenada. In each island we did a slideshow presentation, signed copies and stocked bookstores. For a complete list of where they can be found please see distributor page at or email 

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Carriacou Sloops Vol. I & II now available in St. Barth's & BVI

The last 3 weeks saw GENESIS sailing from Antigua to Tortola with a cargo of books. The aim was to generate interest in Caribbean Boatbuilding while promoting the books. 1st stop was St. Barth's where we were welcomed by LouLou Magras - himself a photographer with a unique collection of slides taken during the 60s & 70s of Carriacou Sloops & Schooners when they regularly docked at Gustavia to exchange produce for cigarettes & liquor. We had an impromptu slide projection of the Carriacou Sloops books outside the Capitanerie while the crew of a French frigate looked on from the bridge deck.
Next stop was St. Maarten and the museum in Philipsburg to deliver more books. Then on to Anguilla where we stopped for a drink with Sir Emil Gumbs, ex Prime Minister of Anguilla and captain of the legendary Warspite. 4 am saw us sailing out of Road Bay and on to Trellis Bay and Jost Van Dyke to do the same at Foxy's Wooden Boat Regatta. Here we met all kinds of interesting salts including the builder of the new Jost Van Dyke 32 Tortola Sloop being built behind Foxy's by Kevin and his team of students from the local school. Next it was Tortola and Aragorn's Studio in Trellis Bay where again we held an evening of Fish Fry with Slide Presentation. The invited guests ranged from Government officials, Yachts People, book sellers and museum curators. Aragorn got on the mike and spoke at some length about his plan to build a new Tortola Sloop right there on the beach at Trellis next to his earlier project the beautiful Dominican GliGli Carib Canoe .
After a 30 hr beat across the Sombrero Passage GENESIS sailed onto the dock at St. Barth's once again, this time to project the slideshow at the Gallery PORTA 34 where LouLou was holding an exhibition of 120 of his wonderful framed prints. We then joined Marius for his 85th birthday party at the select with 2 nights of live music...

Next week we sail South to Bequia, PSV, Carriacou, , PM & Grenada where we shall be doing more signings and slide presentations.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

What people are saying...

"Beauty! Energy! Romance!

YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TO KNOW OR CARE ABOUT SAILING, TO BE CARRIED AWAY BY THIS PAIR OF BOOKS BY ALEXIS ANDREWS. The books bring the sloops built on the tiny island of Carriacou, in the Grenadines, to glorious life through first-rate color photographs, of which the books chiefly consist. In Vanishing Ways, the boats are seen racing and fishing, as an intergral part of island life. In Genesis, the process of building a sloop is shown very clearly and interestingly. This is better than a museum. Go sailing without ever getting wet!"

Nancy F. Pyle, OK, USA

"Dear Alexis,

I got there late, but I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the wonderful introduction of your spectacular book IMAGES! What a perfect setting for such an occasion, enhanced by a very tasteful display of your images, artfully lighted giving the effect of a truly top class event.

The jazz, the food, the wine and the incredible show of images beamed onto the wall in the courtyard all masterfully blended in perfect synergy to complete one of those etched in the mind memories.

Congratulations, Alexis; "you done good. Very good!"

Paddy & Nettie Costeloe, Antigua

Dear Alexis--
The Carriacou sloops books are lovely. We're interested in reviewing
them - Congratulations on a fine production!"

Matt Murphy
Editor, WoodenBoat, Maine, USA

Alexis, Just got the Carriacou books! Fantastic! They are works of art, what a great tribute to the type - I was smelling the sweet wind and feeling the heat and digging the heave of the sea.

Dan Houston, Editor, Classic Boat Magazine, UK

Just a short message to let you know that the IMAGES book arrived last week.

My complements on this beautiful book, it will be a perfect reminder of our trip to the island of Antigua.

With kind regards,

California, USA

"Dear Alexis~

I have just finished reading your CARRIACOU SLOOPS books ( after looking at all the pictures first!) ... not sure what to say except that i am moved to write and tell how much pleasure I had in spending these hours in the company of the men of Windward. Thanks."

Liza Kirwan, Antigua ~ West Indies

"Hi Alexis,
Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I have had enough time to go through your Carriacou books, though I find something new every time. I am happy that you took the time to document this rather beautiful aspect of the island's culture. In a few years it might all be gone and your chronicle will continue to tell that very important tale of Carriacou. Thanks again for capturing the beauty and skill of these craftsmen who, with their culture, have made it even more appealing to observe. As a historian, I wished you could have done more on the hsitory because I believe there is a great story there, but the photos themselves tell a wonderful story. You captured Alwyn Enoe magnificently for all to appreciate his talent, skill and dedication to his calling.Good luck with the books and I am glad I have copies. Thanks again, it was worth the wait!!"

Angus Kennedy, West Virginia, USA

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Book Launch

The highly successful launch of Carriacou Sloops Vol. I & II took place on April 16th during the opening night of the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta. The event was hosted onboard the seven attending Sloops and while the sounds from one of Antigua's great saxophonists, Big Boy wafted across the dock guests were treated to a shot of Jack Iron chased with coconut water. For 2 hours an eclectic group of people ranging from yacht owners, crew, artists, VIPs Antiguan & international press and media moved through the crowed that was buzzing with the interest that Carriacou Sloops have created here at this event over the years. As daylight faded to darkness the sound of Scottish highland bagpipes signaled the start of the slideshow presentation of the books. A 9 foot screen was hauled up the mast of GENESIS as the 300 strong crowd went silent. Afterwards the book signing continued with delicious snacks provided by Grenadian chef Selwyn James.

The books which are now on sale in Antigua and will be also available this summer in Bequia, Carriacou & Grenada. There have been only 1000 copies printed of this first Limited Edition set.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

CNN Mainsail Interview

With the exciting news that Ocean Nomad, the new Alwyn Enoe 40 has now been launched in Carriacou and will sail up to Antigua for the upcoming Classics I was reminded when Genesis arrived with similar fanfare in time for the 2005 Antigua Classics. After flying around the course for 3 days I was approached by a lady who was doing a video for CNN Mainsail. They were in Antigua for Sailing Week but had arrived a few days early to take in the Classics and someone had mentioned traditional Caribbean workboats...The resulting video was aired on CNN during the summer of that year. Looking at it now I realise that all that hard work has been worthwhile because since Genesis was launched in 2005 there have now been 3 more launches this year - all 4o footers!  CARRIACOU SLOOPS Vol. I & II "The Books" will be launched April 16th at the Antigua Yacht Club Marina onboard GENESIS & JAMBALAYA 6PM.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Island Where article by Joanne C. Hillhouse

Recently I had a wonderful visit from a gifted writer. Joanne C. Hillhouse had asked to do an interview for a new Caribbean magazine published in St. Lucia called Island Where. The resulting article can be viewed here and gives an indication of the content & style of Carriacou Sloops Vol I & II. Meanwhile news form Windward, Carriacou is that the launching of Ocean Nomad in time to compete in the April Antigua Classics is now a strong possibility. The project has been taken over by the Antigua entrepreneur Eli Fuller and will go into charter service at his eco tour company Adventure Antigua. With the arrival of Peter deSavary's new 40ft sloop recently launched in Petite Martinique to challenge the 5 resident Carriacou Sloops in Antigua as well as the Carriacou Schooner Jambalaya this event promises to deliver some excellent racing. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Books on their way from China

After 10 years of working on a photography project on the Carriacou Sloops of the Grenadines the result is on its way from the printer in China. The Limited Edition Box set entitled Carriacou Sloops Vol I & II will be launched at the opening of the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, April 16th 2008. The launch party will take place on the dock of the AYC Marina & onboard the eight attending Carriacou Sloops, six  of which are based in Antigua and two of which will be making their first appearance at the event having recently been launched. The evening will include a giant slideshow presentation with images from the books, a signing, live music & plenty rum! The books will retail for $85 and can be pre ordered on line at Indian Creek Books and here.