Saturday, May 3, 2008

What people are saying...

"Beauty! Energy! Romance!

YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TO KNOW OR CARE ABOUT SAILING, TO BE CARRIED AWAY BY THIS PAIR OF BOOKS BY ALEXIS ANDREWS. The books bring the sloops built on the tiny island of Carriacou, in the Grenadines, to glorious life through first-rate color photographs, of which the books chiefly consist. In Vanishing Ways, the boats are seen racing and fishing, as an intergral part of island life. In Genesis, the process of building a sloop is shown very clearly and interestingly. This is better than a museum. Go sailing without ever getting wet!"

Nancy F. Pyle, OK, USA

"Dear Alexis,

I got there late, but I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the wonderful introduction of your spectacular book IMAGES! What a perfect setting for such an occasion, enhanced by a very tasteful display of your images, artfully lighted giving the effect of a truly top class event.

The jazz, the food, the wine and the incredible show of images beamed onto the wall in the courtyard all masterfully blended in perfect synergy to complete one of those etched in the mind memories.

Congratulations, Alexis; "you done good. Very good!"

Paddy & Nettie Costeloe, Antigua

Dear Alexis--
The Carriacou sloops books are lovely. We're interested in reviewing
them - Congratulations on a fine production!"

Matt Murphy
Editor, WoodenBoat, Maine, USA

Alexis, Just got the Carriacou books! Fantastic! They are works of art, what a great tribute to the type - I was smelling the sweet wind and feeling the heat and digging the heave of the sea.

Dan Houston, Editor, Classic Boat Magazine, UK

Just a short message to let you know that the IMAGES book arrived last week.

My complements on this beautiful book, it will be a perfect reminder of our trip to the island of Antigua.

With kind regards,

California, USA

"Dear Alexis~

I have just finished reading your CARRIACOU SLOOPS books ( after looking at all the pictures first!) ... not sure what to say except that i am moved to write and tell how much pleasure I had in spending these hours in the company of the men of Windward. Thanks."

Liza Kirwan, Antigua ~ West Indies

"Hi Alexis,
Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I have had enough time to go through your Carriacou books, though I find something new every time. I am happy that you took the time to document this rather beautiful aspect of the island's culture. In a few years it might all be gone and your chronicle will continue to tell that very important tale of Carriacou. Thanks again for capturing the beauty and skill of these craftsmen who, with their culture, have made it even more appealing to observe. As a historian, I wished you could have done more on the hsitory because I believe there is a great story there, but the photos themselves tell a wonderful story. You captured Alwyn Enoe magnificently for all to appreciate his talent, skill and dedication to his calling.Good luck with the books and I am glad I have copies. Thanks again, it was worth the wait!!"

Angus Kennedy, West Virginia, USA