Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Framed prints exhibited in St. John's, Antigua.

Last week a set of framed prints of the orginal printers proof set for IMAGES was hung in Redcliffe Quay. The mini exhibition coincided with the launch of a new fashion line at ZEITGEIST, formerly Radical Design. The 6 signed prints are for sale and will remain in the store over the Christmas period. A further set is on view at the SEABREEZE CAFE at Antigua Yacht Club Marina and at HARMONY HALL, Brown's Bay. The difference between a photographic print and a printer's proof is the former can be duplicated many times over whereas the latter can never be reproduced exactly the same. That is where its originality and value lies; should the book ever go out of print or the artist ever become so incredibly famous as to make his or her work completely unafordable, the owner of a signed and certified original proof could in theory propel themselves into a higher tax bracket overnight by selling the item at auction...!

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